I have only seen Skip surf a few times, but after this session here on January 14, 2023 it proved that Skip McCullough is currently one of the best tube riders in San Diego. I am so thankful Skip was out this morning to grab so many good waves that may have gone unridden if it wasn't for him. There were some very large bomb waves that did come through that had like 2-3ft thick lips where the waves looked straight out of Hawaii. I was hoping someone would had dropped into one of those as it would had made for an amazing photo, but nobody did. Either way I am stoked to see San Diego local boy Skip get all the great waves he deserved to get. Next time I need to put my money where my mouth is and offer guy's like Skip a $100 a wave ridden on one of the giant ones and see if he'll accept my offer. Skip's sponsors include Xanadu surfboards, Seager clothing, Crap eyewear, Matuse wetsuits and Gorilla Grip traction - you can see more on his insta @holy.skip


Shots 1-6 out of a 12 shot sequence




January 22, 2023 — Jack English