Main photo of Pat surfing was taken at Shipwrecks located in Baja Mexico by Jack English

"I haven't seen Joe in over 18 years. His dad is in Carlsbad dying, it's really sad" - Benji Weatherley

Pat Curren was born in 1932 in Carlsbad located in north county San Diego and was an avid surfer at Mission Beach.

Pat Curren sitting on the beach at the Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu

I did run into Benji the other day on the street who was making his way to meet up with Joe Curren, Rob Machado and Taylor Steele at the Biergarden located on the 101 in Encinitas.

The photo of Pat Curren surfing was taken from a trip I was on in Cabo San Lucas in Baja Mexico. I don't remember what surfers I was there with, but I do recall Joe once telling me something on the note of not to bring many surfers to this spot as his dad didn't like it. 

Tom (Santa Cruz) and Joe Curren (Ireland) - Photos by Jack English


January 23, 2023 — Jack English