These were taken in San Diego on the morning of Saturday January 14, 2023. I was set up just in front of where John was surfing using a Canon 600mm with a EOS1VHS camera body and Kodak 400asa black and white film with a push 1 stop. There we're around ten guys out all sitting tight in one pack with pretty much one drop in position which made it a little hard for some to even get a wave. From what I shot of John was these two waves - anything ridden on a smaller wave I didn't even bother to shoot it. 

It's always good to see one of the locals get a good ride - John enjoying the view


John with the wipeout of the morning. If he had made this wave it would had been a great shot, but i'll take a good wipeout shot any day. I'm no expert on surfing, but maybe if he just grabbed his rail right at the takeoff and held on for dear life. 

This ones going to hurt - as a surfer myself in a weird way it's a good feeling to get slapped around by a wave (knowing the wave isn't going to kill you)

January 22, 2023 — Jack English
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