This season Joel Tudor put on a longboard contest at 15st in Del Mar. The rules were quite simple: No leashes allowed, single fin only, board length 3ft taller then yourself, 20 minute heats, 6 wave max, no interference, 1 minute break between heats and last but not least no complaining. The event was sponsored by Surf Ride board shop, Sambazon, Studio540 and Vans. Photos by Jack English

The Tudor Family - Judah, Joel and Tosh

Friendly competition - the riders all spoke to each other before their heat

Group of long boarders on the beach at Del Mar 15st ready for their surfing heat.

Andy Nieblas with the first heat of the day

Andy Nieblas longboarding in Del Mar 15st

Yes, the hippies came out - what did you expect it's a Joel Tudor event

Spectators at Joel Tudor Surfight classic longboard contest.

Joel's rulebook for everyone to see

Joel Tudor longboard contest rules - no complaining.

Six men heats with plenty of waves to go around (waves were actually a little to big)

Longboarders in Del Mar line up on the shoreline for their surfing heat.

Tommy Coleman and Tosh Tudor (no Red Bull for Tosh)

Tommy Coleman and Tosh Tudor Del Mar 15st surf contest by Joel Tudor.

A Happy Tosh

Tosh Tudor gesturing the thumbs up sign while carrying his longboard.

River Covey getting into the zone

River Covey moments before his heat at the Joel Tudor Surfight Classic in Del Mar.

River Covey waisting no time getting to the tip

River Covey hanging ten on his longboard in Del Mar 15st California.