The Classic Longboard Division had their day in stormy 4-6ft surf at Lower Trestles.

I was most impressed by Reilly Stone

Final results:

Harrison Roach 1st

Alex Knost 2nd

Tommy Witt 3rd

Jack Lynch 4th


All photos by Jack English

Tyler Warren raising the roof

Tyler Warren longboarding surf relik classic longboard division Lower Trestles.

Harrison Roach taking it home for the Deus family!

Harrison Roach longboarding lower trestles at surf relik longboard contest.

Andy Nieblas and Jared Mell keeping an eye on their competition 

Andy Nieblas and Jared Mell surf relik Lower Trestles surf contest.


Alex Knost making he way to the waterAlex knost at lower trestles surfing in the surf relik classic longboard division.

Andy Nieblas sticking to the lefts while everyone else went right

Andy Nieblas longboarding surf relik classic longboard contest

Jared Mell always keeping it low to the board

Jared Mell longboarding at surf relik longboard classic surfing contest at Lower Trestles.