They call it the Woodstock of motocross - Day In The Dirt 21 by Red Bull. I showed up the night before and slept in my truck (I love my camper shell). Woke up around 6:30 and the track was like a ghost town. The first race goes at 7:30. So their I am standing on the track with nobody around - it's cold, foggy and oddly quite. I am completely a fish out of water here. I don't know much about MX, but I am a huge fan of watching and shooting it. (yes, I know how to ride when I was much younger I had a dirt bike)

If I was to explain this event to somebody who has never been imagine 8 hours straight of loud, in your face BRAAAAA racing! This event is for the hardcore mx fans - the ones that stay from start to finish.

So their I am on the track and I have my Canon EOS 1vhs, 600mm, 70-200mm and around 8 rolls of film. (I always only bring a certain amount of film that way I am more forced not to overshoot)

Next thing I know all the riders are on the grid lining up reving their engines - It's go time. I take my spot overlooking the first big turn with the oversized Glen Helen sign. A photographer walks up within a few feet of me and takes his position - I greet him and within minutes I realize it's Garth Milan. Holy sh_t - I'm shooting next to Garth Milan one of the best MX photographers and the co-founder of Transworld MX (rest in peace). Knowing I only have minutes to speak with him I try to get in as much as possible before the riders go. We talk fim, digital, magazine(s) camera gear and the next thing I know the riders are off - our cameras instantly get raised to our eyes and we simontanusley stop talking asthe riders go flying by - we got our first turn shot and say our goodbyes.

 Photos by Jack English 

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Riders: Micah Davis, Talon Hawkins, Caile Noble, Greg "GT" Tomlinson, Monti Smith, Reid Harper, Ryan Difrancesco, Tod Cram Sponsors: Fasthouse, Bell, 805, Born and Bred, BrandX Stunts, KMC, Hell On Wheels, Hollwyood MC, Scosohg