This Sunday February 20th, 2022 Meatball is heading back down this way to San Diego County where they'll be starting practice at 11 with racing at high noon. At Barona they're are two tracks and they will be on the smaller one. The weather suppose to be 68 high and 45 low. So if your in the Lakeside area and looking for something to do then please head out to 1800 Wildcat Canyon Rd and show your support to the privately owned track and the Hell On Wheels crew.

Photo of Brody McLaughlin was taken with a canon 70-200mm lens, eos1vhs body, kodak film and he's wearing a Biltwell open face helmet, VonZipper vintage style motocross goggles, Sea Of Seven jersey, Levi jeans and RedWing shoes.

February 17, 2022 — Jack English