This weekend February 12-13 will be Camp Shred at the San Elijo Campground located just off pacific coast highway in Cardiff By The Sea. In short many people ask what exactly is Camp Shred. It's a group of surf related brands that pay a vendor fee and in return they receive a spot ranging in size from a 10'x10' and bigger booth area. Spectators can walk up and down the campgrounds where they will see their favorite surfing brands and might even see some pro surfers. So for example if you visit the Billabong booth you give them your drivers license along with a credit card to hold as collateral and then they will load you one of their brand new wetsuits to tryout for the day. Now if your'e a surfboard company such as Firewire they have brand new surfboards of all shapes and sizes for you to tryout. So consider this a test drive to all the latest surf gear and in return the brand you're using they hope you purchase their products and the local surf shop or on their website. In short there is no fee to you, everything is FREE to tryout. The main sponsors of this event are Ting, Pacifico, Ashland Seltzer, Stab magazine, Villager Spirits, Mercedes-Benz & Surf-Ride. Rumor has it Tom Curren and Rob Machado will be attending this years two day event as well as notable companies O'Neill, Roxy, Quiksilver, Nixon, RAEN, Sector 9, Bing, Channel Islands, Lost, Pyzel, Chemistry and Rusty. "THE WORL'DS LARGEST SURF DEMO" - CAMP SHRED


8am - 4pm All day demo

11:30am - 5:30pm Pacifico Beer Garden

1pm-2pm Live Music by Harshmellow

2:30-3:30 Live Music by Bent Duo

4pm-5:30pm Live Music by Kut U Up (Chris Cote)

SUNDAY SCHEDULE (parking inside the surrounding areas will be limited due to the Cardiff Kook 10k Run which ends around 9am in front of the camp)

8am-3pm All day demo

11:30-5pm Pacifico Beer Garden

12pm-1pm Live music by Sage Wood

1:30pm-3pm Live music by Yovee

3:30pm-5pm Super Bowl party inside the Pacifico Beer Garden

February 12, 2022 — Jack English
Tags: camp shred