This past saturday March 5th Brody McLaughlin set off a little after 4am from his hometown of San Luis Obispo county for to receive a '74 Husky Bullet that he'll be racing in the '22 season and beyond. The location was Blackmore Ranch located in Murrieta. He was joined with current team rider Micah Davis (#118) who's been riding with the TMC Co (Tom Contino) for a few years now. Brody (#29) is 23 years old and is backed by Biltwell, VonZipper, Sea Of Seven and Seaweed & Gravel. Micah Davis who's 22 born in Capo Beach and resides in San Clemente is backed by Biltwell, Madson, Motocutz MX, No Toil, Akai CBD and Reverend Motors. Both these guy's have been racing each other for close to three years now in motocross events Hell On Wheels, Day In The Dirt and the SoCal Vintage MX Classic.


Brody McLaughlin meets his new boss - all photos by Jack English

Like a kid in a candy store - this is the bike Mike Metzger did the backflip on over the Caesars Palace Fountains in Las Vegas (had a Lost sticker on their)

Micah Davis with his dad Glen - Micah has been on this racing team for a few years already

Brody talking with Dana Point surf shop owner who is one of the sponsors who help fund this bike build 

Tom giving Micah and his wife Ava the run down

The plan is simple - podium finishes for 2022!

Jeff Blackmore on the mic - this guy's surfing background runs deep (we'll save that for a later date)

You think Brody is happy to be racing a '74 Husky Bullet 

The wizard behind these machines

All dressed up and ready to go - Brody and Micah are officially on the same team

Time to get that jersey dirty!

Taking it easy on the first few turns

Eat your heart out Luke Davis - little bro can do bigger airs then you =)

VonZipper taking care of Brody - thank you GT

Time to see what this thing can do

I told Micah's dad he kind of reminded me of Ryan Dungey (his looks)

Stoked to see Micah getting much deserved support inside the motocross world

Brody left his hometown of San Luis Obispo around 4am - he for sure wanted to make the most of his riding time

One frame left - who'd you think I was going to use it on

March 08, 2022 — Jack English