This past Saturday on August 15th was the Hell On Wheels motocross night race at Glen Helen Raceway. With temps around 116 degrees things were hot from the start. Practice was suppose to start at 6pm sharp, but things don't always go as plan. Not sure of the exact time, but practice didn't get going probably well after 7pm with plenty of camp riding going down before hand. Over time at these races talent has been scarce as you never really know for sure who's going to show up. The early days had plenty of Fasthouse riders (Sean Collier, Tyler Bereman) who don't seem to show up anymore owner of Alpine Stars and then with guys like Micah Davis joining forces with Deus for the past few years (no longer with Deus) has been exciting and now the latest team to constantly be at these races are State Of Ethos consisting of Dustin Humphreys and his two boys Kelana & Dylan, Micah Davis, Nick Lapaglia, Anthony Rodriguez, Ciaran Naran and their photog Mounce. For us (SEA OF SEVEN) call us what you like, but we don't have a crew of guy's which I am ok with. For now it's simple that we put everything on Brody McLaughlin. The motocross world is fairly new to us and we don't take things to serious as we're just having fun attending/photographing Meatball's vintage races and after meeting Brody at one of the last races he was and is the perfect match for what we want in a rider. So on that note I will leave it at that and let you check out the shots from this past race in which Brody raced four times (bomber and modern support classes) and won every race including the race of the night where he was second the entire time behind Kelana and was able to make the pass on one of the very last turns in doing so took first place.

All photos are taken by me Jack English using a Canon EOS 1vhs, Contax 645 and Kodak 400, 800 and 3200asa print film. Every time I go to a motocross race I am learning more and more each time - my shots aren't as good as I want them to be, but you learn from your mistakes. Brody riding his 1979 Yamaha 250 2-Stroke.

Time to pose for some shots

 Eyeing the track moments before it's his turn

Brody and Micah Davis (younger brother to pro surfer Luke Davis) - No trash talking between these two!

Line them up (digging how everything is motion blur in this shot except the jersey - didn't do this on purpose, but when I shoot film you never know what might come out or not)

Elbow room only

Kelana Humphrey with the holeshot and lead the whole main race until the last few turns where Brody overtook him

Front Stretch

Shot this using my point n shoot camera (I seriously don't know how to use a flash)

I like how this shot looks like some fog in the air and I think the Sea Of Seven on his back looks cool - for his next jersey I'm going to put his name.

...still behind Kelana, but Brody stayed on him the entire race (the guy in 3rd was so far back)

Last turn of the track

Don't look back now, just go!

Rolling through 

First impression seconds after taking the win

First place in the bomber class (won both races in this division)

Only a 10 year gap between these two - thank you Kelana for making him work for it!