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Alex Knost "...he doesn’t deserve to be sponsored" - Lip Sinking

News By Jack English / 27 Aug 2020 / 2 Comments
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Alex Knost
Alex Knost "...he doesn’t deserve to be sponsored" - Lip Sinking | Photo by Jack English

I responded twice in the comment section on the website Stab and then gave up. If I was going to respond a third time it would have said; how can you say "he is not original", if he's not original then who has he been copying for the past 20+ years? The thing with guys like Knost and his peers like Scotty Stopnik are they are original and have been since day one. Today's and yesterdays "hipsters" are the followers. I can clearly say and witness to Alex and Scotty were the new logger era after Joel Tudor. Almost a 10 year gap in age between Tudor and Alex/Scotty. 

So what happened with Alex and RVCA, he got dropped and has not signed on from head to toe with Vans in which has been his shoe sponsor for years and years. So congrats to you Alex for finding a new home as you


deserve it!

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