Your Crew Your Beach Your Challenge it this years slogan for the 11th Annual 100 Wave Challenge by Boys to Men Mentoring. For the past years many surfers would join this non profit to raise money. The surfers before the event collect as many sponsors as possible where for every wave they ride (in hopes of catching 100 waves) that money will be donated to this foundation. Example if we sponsored a surfer like Rob Machado offering him $10 per wave and he caught 100 waves we would donate $1,000 in all. Their record breaking 100 Wave Challenge in 2019 brought in over $420k. So this year because of the pandemic things will have to be ran a little different. For this years "Your Crew. Your Beach. Your Challenge. will give the surfers two months from September 19th through November 22nd to catch their 100 wave limit. Damien Hobgood and Shaun Tomson have been involved in this event in the past. 

This years goal is set at $200,000

boys to men 100 wave challenge

August 19, 2020 — Jack English