Brody McLaughlin Races an Upteched, Vintage 1974 Mag Bullet 250 Husqvarna for the 2022 Season

 Brody has that rare mix of speed, style and personality. Whether he’s out front, dead last or ruling the bench race, He’s a cat the boys wanna hang with and the girls wanna Get with….

Greg "GT" Tomlinson - Founder/President Von Zipper - March 2022

Brody will wear #29 and be one of three colleagues of TMC Co that incorporates Micah Davis #118 and 12-year-old Amari Arnold #224: Yes a pre-teenager dashing on a classic 250 that weighs more than he does, even with all that hair. Amari is a Fast House-Hot Wheels novice with a quick future. He has been dashing since he was 8, lives in Murrieta and visits with his mother Natalie who is driver, mentor, coach, specialist. Amari runs Kicker Cross and level tracks and rides Jeff Blackmore's Bullet with full sponsorship by Jeff and Jen Blackmore.

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Every one of them three will race all alone, exceptionally constructed, meticulously designed 1974 250 Mag Bullet Husqvarnas.

Also, the reason? Dominating races with twentieth Century style and 21st Century speed.

The development of those 1974 Husky 250s has been a work of TMC Co, GDT Framing, Vintage Husky, Blackmore Ranch, Steve Donald, SplatteredInk, Soldiers for Jesus, Killer Dana, Robbins Nest Builders, One Life and Jimmy Johns working together.

Yet, Tom Contino of TMC Co is the crazy lab rat that transformed the 1974 Bullet into a 21st Century Rocket.

This 1974 Husqvarna 250 Mag is a speculative chemistry of lovely, Scandinavian twentieth Century style with 21st Century tech. In three Latin words - Levior, Velocius, Fortior = Lighter, Faster, Stronger.

In Men in Black terms, the Old and Busted Husky Mag Bullet has been modernized into the New Hotness Husky Bullet. Looks quick in any event, standing by.

As per Tom Contino of TCM Co: "The Bullet is worked with changes to upgrade execution and taking care of that are suggestive of the 'works' bicycles that were worked in the 1970's. Notwithstanding, the Bullet assemble went a few stages further."

Consider that scene from Pearl Harbor where Jimmy Doolittle is driving the incensed stripping down of those B-25s to get them off the deck of a plane carrying warship and get some compensation. That was Contino's test.

Levior = The first Husky 250 had a battling weight of 220 pounds, and it was a battle to ride it. With alterations to eliminate inordinate load in the steel outline, refining the motor and stuff box and back shocks and other suspension mods utilizing Unobtanium, titanium, aviation grade aluminum, ceramics, carbon fiber and other 21st Century materials, the cutting edge Mag Bullet scarcely weighs 180 pounds (!): "The carbon fiber parts are number plates, air chime, seat skillet, internal bumper and the motor start cover," Contino said. "From Ohlins back shocks to the all-aluminum triple tree, directing stem, forks, spacers and valves being aluminum, to the front and back axles being another aviation grade aluminum and titanium, everything about exceptional consideration being paid to eliminate unnecessary weight, to expand the triumphant benefit by being lightweight."

There is a long clothing rundown of the relative multitude of alterations huge and little made to the first Husky 250 yet in the last blend. Tom Contino made unique notice of the tail pie: "It has a custom line that was worked by Dave Miller before he died. Dave and I cooperated to think of a definitive line giving max force and pull."
Levior est Velocius = Lighter is quicker. This thing is a rocket. An excellent rocket as many consider those 1970s Husqvarnas to be the absolute most rich soil bicycles made.

Cutting edge for their time, as indicated by Tom White at motocrossactionmag.com: "...1973 would end up being a milestone year in the advancement of the motocross cruiser. Most critical was the presentation of Honda's 250 Elsinore, which ended up being an extremely cutthroat and dependable machine right off the display area floor. The European contributions from Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Germany and Spain couldn't match the fit, finish and unwavering quality, and their deals sunk faster than the Titanic.

Husqvarna, the main European brand in motocross contest cruisers, replied with an achievement machine in 1974. The "Mag 250" exhibited Husqvarna's capacity to advertise a valid "works" type bike. The "Mag 250" had all-magnesium motor cases; 36mm Bing, eight-petal reed valve; climbed Girling shocks (one inch); a Motoplat start; longer swingarm (one inch); four-speed gearbox from the 400CR; 125-size grasp; white plastic bumpers; carried Akront compound edges (with Trelleborg tires), and Magura controls. It weighed 214 pounds.
The MK series Huskys (as they were called) were a prompt outcome in the possession of AMA National privateers. The Mag 250CR was light and strong. It was more with regards to the genuine motocross model that had been elite to Husqvarna in their 1963 through 1968 models. American riders like Malcolm Smith, Kent Howerton, Brad Lackey, Billy Clements, Gary Semics and Bob Grossi dashed this age of the MK-series machine effectively, and right up 'til today the Mag 250 is as yet one of the most pursued bikes for AHRMA contest.
The proposed retail cost back in 1974 was $1495. Contrasted with Suzuki's TM400 at $1205, the European machines were a lot more costly. As the 250 is extremely well known today for rare MX racers, pleasant models can cost as much as $8000. The 250CR Mag was joined in the 1974 Husqvarna arrangement by the 125CR, 250WR, 360WR-RT (Road/Track), 400CR, 400WR, 450CR and 450WR."

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Brody's relationship with TMC Co and this exquisite Husky returns to November of 2021. The Husky was made for Micah Davis, yet he was inaccessible so the ride was proposed to Brody. He rode it for the Red Bull Day in the Dirt at Glen Helen Raceway on November 7, 2021. Brody adored the look and believe and twentieth Century energy of that Husky and he became hopelessly enamored with it.

Tom Contino proposed to custom-form a 250 Bullet Husky for McLaughlin.
On March 5, the completely current, completely boss Husky 250 Bullet was divulged at Blackmore Ranch in Murrieta.

Forty individuals made an appearance to look at the New Hotness, including Mike Foster from Killer Dana Surf Shop, Glen Davies from GDT Framing, Jeff Blackmore from Blackmore Ranch, John Lefevre from vintagehusky.com and Rob from Splattered Ink Print shop.

Everybody needed to put something that wild between their legs, yet the Happy Few were group riders Micah David, Brody McLaughlin and Amari Arnold.

Amari Arnold was all the while humming, after seven days: "I have no words to disclose how it feels to ride the Bullet! I have never ridden something so quick thus cool."
Brody McLaughlin added: "We rode it at Blackmore farm for the presentation where all the colleagues and supporters had the option to have a very close glance at the bicycle and talk with us riders. Myself, Micah Davis, and Amari Arnold who are all group riders got to ride our Bullets and we were totally blown away: Light, quick, dealt with like a fantasy, mind boggling machine. I accept everybody was as floored by the machine similarly however much our riders were.

On Sunday we rode them at Cahuilla Creek and had the track fixed with different riders and onlookers there watching with their jaws dropped."

Micah Davis was correspondingly energized: "The TMC Bullet Husky 250 Mag is 100 percent hand worked with incalculable custom parts that we obtained or made in house. I've been adequately fortunate to have had the option to race and test the model for two full race seasons. We have tried and done huge loads of R and D however today I might want to say the bicycle is unequaled. It seems like a quill, handles like a fantasy and it is essentially as quick as a .50 type "Slug."

This race year will be something uniquely great, Tom and Marna have had the option to collect a few astonishing backers who have assisted the program with getting to a higher level.

A munititions stockpile has been made to go overwhelm the opposition with three matching lovely orange monsters in the pits. What might two additional steeds mean without two gifted rider's: Brody McLaughlin and Amari Arnold have joined the group. I was unable to be more invigorated.

This previous Saturday at Blackmore Ranch we delivered the news and turned a few laps on their astonishing track, then, at that point, followed that with a test day at Cahuilla Creek on Sunday.

Man it feels significantly better to be back on this machine, how about we go racin!"

Past that, the words tossed around most were: "Astounding bicycle." "seen nothing like it." "Exceptionally proficient show." "Extraordinary occasion." "Incredible bicycle."
Group Husky Bullet intend to contend in whatever number occasions as could be allowed during the 2022 Vintage season - seven occasions from April to November, Glen Ellen to Boise.

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