Surfight Klassic is back for its second year. This longboarding contest is for men, women and juniors and will be located at 15st in Del Mar with the first heat of the day hitting the water at 7am. This event will be on Sunday October 20th being put on by Vans, Joel Tudor, Studio 540, Sambazon, CBD Oil, Surfride, Umi Encinitas, DRD4 Fin Co, Captain Fin, Fins Unlimited, Shoyoroll and Pizza Port.

Who got the personal invite by Mr. Tudor

Ethan Imler, Patrick O'Connor, James Culhane, Luke Cara, Tosh Tudor, Jack Van Wagner, Kaiden Edelbrock, Aidan Saunter, Bodh O'Connell, Ethan Spiegel, Finn Walen, Nixon Broders, Ethan Imler, Tommy Coleman, Liv Stokes, Makala Smith, Summer Richley, Kaytlin Mikkelsen, Erin Ashley, Mele Saili, Hallie Rohr, Eva Leva, Jen Smith, Avalon Gal, Michelle Layton, Sophia Arky, Mahina Akaka, Rilynn Baker, Morgan Sliff, Brooke Carlson, Lauren Canavan, Macy Sivadge, Colton Sullivan, Ben Cardoza, Devon Howard, Max Coldwell, William Hennessay, Lucas Dirske, Brendan White, Noah Cardoza, Kyle Perez, Kevin Skvarna, Eric Marin, River Covey, Noah Slawson, Nathan Strom, Andy Nieblas, Barrett Miller, Noah Shimabukuro, Eric Snortum, David Argana, Ryan Burch, Nick Melanson, Tyler Warren, David Shudolnic, Jake Tousseau and Koby Gilcrest.

"Spread the good word like Donald Byrd!!! Beach entries available to whoever is standing by.....somebody always misses a up if keen." - Joel Tudor

surfight classic longboard contest in Del Mar of a skeleton surfing on a wave

October 16, 2019 — Jack English