Congratulations to Andy Nieblas who has just won the last event of 2019 at the Vans Duct Tape Invitational by Joel Tudor which was held in Japan. The surf was around 2ft which we all know is big enough for a longboard contest. Andy took home $8,000 USD. In 2nd place was Kaimana Takayama, 3rd Kaniela Stewart, 4th Justin Quintal and for the womens 1st place Honolua Blomfield, 2nd Hallie Seale, 3rd Kirra Seale and 4th Sierra Lerback. To keep the fine people in Japan happy and filled with alot of surf action they had an expression session where everyone went into the water at once and did their finest and or craziest moves with Andy Nieblas taking 1st place in this for the mens and for the womens Hallie Rohr and last was a paddle race with Kevin Skvarna and Rosie Jaffur taking the win.  On a side note Im not sure if Joel's oldest son Tosh Tudor (who just celebrated his 15th birthday in Japan) was in the main event, but he was in the expression session.

Going into 2020 we are hoping Vans and Joel can have at least one of the longboarding events here in San Diego, suggesting Cardiff Reef in Encinitas would be a great location and who knows maybe Cardiff local Rob Machado could join in on the fun.