On February 4th was the first day of business for Steel Mill coffee and record store located at 605 Mission ave in Oceanside California owned by Shea Cooper and Riley Hawk.  The location is fairly a good one based on all vehicles coming off the 5 freeway headed west towards the beach have to pass by. One of the more disadvantages they have is its located on a one way road so they will receive no traffic headed back out from the beach and will have the challenge of getting the tourist to cross over pacific coast highway (meaning all the tourist who stay down by the shoreline rarely go east of PCH).

My original plan was to be at the shop by 7am (the time they posted they would open on their instagram) Thinking there would be a line of skaters with their boards all lined out front waiting to be the first ones in. I thought this would be a cool shot to have.  So I set my alarm for 6:30 and drove straight there - driving by at around 6:45 and noticing they were already open with a couple people inside (I should had known that skaters don't like to wake up early unlike surfers). So I already missed the doors being opened and I didn't feel it was right to go inside at 7 in the morning to shoot photos.  So I then decided to come back towards the end of the day with my two kids.

By now its around 3pm knowing they close at 4. I arrive and they have Black Sabbath playing which I enjoyed hearing (my favorite band) and as I approach the register Shea and Riley both looked very tired.  I asked if it was ok to take some pictures and that I would post them on my blog - so with that said here are some of the photos that I took, enjoy!

Photos by Jack English using Canon Eos-1vhs 3200asa ilford film