It was January 5th 2023 where I made my way into San Diego for one of the few spots that likes a south wind. I brought a handful of Kodak TMax 400asa film, my Canon 600mm and patiently waited for the low tide. I set up aligned with all the tourist and locals hearing them ooh and aah only when someone wiped out. I always find it quite enjoyable watching and hearing people who have no clue what really is going on, but at least they are enjoying themselves.

Scott Bush - I texted Joel Tudor telling him it was good, but he did not show up

I think it's safe to say the surf was 15 foot plus here in SD

Scott Bush was the first guy out who had it to himself for a little while - the lifeguard swam out and spoke to him. Maybe they were telling him he couldn't surf here, but I am glad he stayed out.

It was nice seeing this guy Kyle Crompton on not to big of a board - made for some cool photos, that last shot is pretty cool

A little bit of everything into the evening - backwards surfing, big board for a big wave and what's up with having five guy's on a single wave.

It's safe to say Scott Bush was going for it on as many waves as he could catch

Sorry this guy got dropped in on, but it made for a cool shot (#3)

January 10, 2023 — Jack English