January 6th 2023 I made my way into La Jolla where I ended up shooting at one of the only spots where surfers were out at. It wasn't the best for surf conditions for the surfers therefore I did not receive as good as surf shots as I hoped for. Some of the surfers that were out were Skip McCullough, Johnny Noris, John Maher and a few others (if you know anyone below please let me know their names). I shot 2 rolls of Kodak 160 asa print film using my Canon 600mm. I know next time where to shoot from to get a little higher vantage point.

Simple 3 shot sequence (yes, I did notice I spelled my name wrong)

A lot of water moving around this morning - two surfers who attempted to make it out did not. They were both on boards closer to the 9ft range and we all know you can't duckdive a surfboard that size. They ended up getting rescued by a lifeguard who was on a jet-ski.


This guy knew what he was doing - smaller board, simple set up bottom turn into the tube

This guy knew what he was doing - smaller board, set up bottom turn and into the tube

It's not very often the waves get this big - I hope this guy's board wasn't a new one

Bottom shot - see the board at the top of the wave. Say this guy's board is around 7ft in length, easily call this a 15ft plus wave.

Joe Joe Roper (surfboard maker) and Skip McCullough who was the first one out this morning. Bottom shot of surfer on a big board and wearing a life jacket.