With camera in hand I made my way down the south side of the front stretch with minutes until the gate drops. With close to 50 riders on the gate I had no clue who was the main guy I should point my camera at. Making my way to one of the hay bails to set my gear on I see an older man just feet away from me and I kindly ask "who are the fastest riders I should look for?" He replies "Ryder DiFrancesco and Pierce Brown both Red Bull Troy Lee Riders. They are the two next to the wall". At this moment I'm not going to second guess this guy and I instantly trust him.

*Note: Derek Drake lead around 2 laps with both Ryder and Pierce close 2nd and 3rd. Around lap 3 Derek was nowhere to be seen.

All photos by Jack English - Canon EOS 1vhs // 70-200mm, Kodak Portra film

Pierce Brown far left bumping bars with team rider Ryder DiFrancesco - don't take each other out

Pierce Brown with the holeshot and Ryder in 2nd

With matching outfits the only way I could tell the difference was Pierce Brown #39

Ryder DiFrancesco #34 - back tire don't fail me now

Pierce taking it wide open

Ryder in a close second

TLD (Troy Lee Designs), GasGas and Red Bull - #39 Pierce Brown from Murrieta, CA

TLD (Troy Lee Designs), GasGas and Red Bull - #34 Ryder DiFrancesco from Bakersfield, CA

What do you think the board reads - front row for the shirtless moto fan 

Overall went to Broc Tickle