It was the morning of May 16th of the Stopwatch National presented by Troy Lee Designs from Glen Helen Raceway. Here I am sitting on my tailgate with coffee in hand trying to wake up. The race is set to start at 10:30 and practice sessions are going down. One of the main pros out on the track is Honda rider Jo Shimoda. One of the employees at Glen Helen posted on their social media that Levi Kitchen was going to show as I was excited to see him in person, but never did he make it. Staring at a trash can which is around 30ft away from me watching every rider having to ride by as they come off the track. So I immediately grab one of my signs and place it in front of the trash can thinking this is a great spot for some publicity knowing every person riding and walking by will read this sign.

Minutes later a flashy Kawasaki rider rolls up parking it right next to that trash can with my sign in plain view. I instantly knew this wasn't your average racer - to many logos, super clean outfit and a sparkling and shiny bike all the while having people around him which all proved this is a factory rider. It was Cameron Mcadoo (in which I admit I did not know it was him until I later google searched #63 Kawasaki).

Grab my 70-200 Canon and jump into action - don't move Cameron! (pulled back look wanting to get everything in the photo) for the more zoomed in look (by the way that is my daughter on that sign)

Seconds later another Kawasaki rider rolls up. This guy looking bigger in build and showing up later gave me the vibe he's someone bigger. Not paying any attention to the number plate, but taking notice that the crowd all around me just got at least three times bigger. "El Hombre" is what one of the guys said quietly to his friends behind me and I turn around to confirm with them - "it's Jason Anderson" and they all nod yes. 

The man himself feet from by booth

Zoom in and purposely focus on my booth with Jason in the foreground

He's got to come off the track - their he goes =)