Here we are into roll 2 from the motocross race in Kauai, Hawaii. Starting off with Brody McLaughlin entering his '79 Yamaha in with the 250 pro modern class. I did make Brody a jersey for this event, but it was our winter style jersey and was way to hot for him to race in. Our host Rick Hurst (his daughter former pro surfer Leila) had provided all the riders with hawaiian style button down shirts in which we we're all so thankful he did. In case your wondering what gear Brody is rocking; helmet Biltwell, goggles VonZipper and Redwing boots.

Brody taking the outside line with #48 Chaz Dabin looking like he's getting ready to shut the door coming up on the inside

Chaz looking like he's going to get the holeshot

chaz dabin...then #17 David Dabin and #19 Kanon Douglas come out of nowhere

david dabin and kanon douglas motocrossI think it's clear Ethan White is here for the party!

ethan white gesturing metal sign on motocrossCruz Longley all alone out front

cruz longley #76 motocross racerI would say Brody's back tire is around 9ft off the ground

brody mclaughlinBrody airing out in the backside of the track

With nobody to run with Brody just hung by himself (the other guy's were on modern 250's where his '79 had no chance) - "A" for effort

First time seeing Brody ride a vintage bike thanks to master surfboard shaper Chris Christenson

What's a 1973 Husqvarna WR250 look like in action

1973 husqvarna wr250... and a first time for Brody riding this bike

Forrest Minchinton on the same jump as the image above of Brody and also riding a borrowed bike from Nick Lapaglia

forrest minchinton deus motocross racer in hawaiiCruz Longley in front with Chastin Brand on his hip

cruz longley and chastin brand motocross