Here are some photos I took from the Red Bull Day In The Dirt Motocross Grand Prix 23 on November 28th 2020. It was a bright and sunny day with a lot of wind. I brought around eight rolls of kodak portra 400asa 35mm film and multiple rolls of 120. I prefer to use kodak over fuji at races - fuji I like better for surfing photos. All motocross images by Jack English

Brody and Payton McLaughlin

Kelana Humprey (left) and Unknown

Kelana and his dad Dustin

Dustin (former surfing photographer for Transworld Surf)

8 in the morning it's go time with the vintage mx divisions first

Who's going to get the holeshot

Wheelie time for Nick Lapaglia who won multiple races this day

Brody #29 racing a 1979 Yamaha 250 2stroke choosing the outside line

All on Brody

Mikey Hillyer - I had no clue who this was, but I shot it cause he was fast

Dustin getting lapped by his State Of Ethos rider Nick

D Hump

Team Nick and Dustin choosing to cross the finish line together

It was Brody McLaughlin who ended up taking 1st place in the Vintage overall