Here are photos I took of Brody from Day In The Dirt on November 28th starting at around around 6:30 where I was greeted with coffee, bagels and cold wind. I brought Brody the newest mx jersey I had made for him along with his new shop sponsor patches by Seaweed and Gravel. Very pleased how the jersey looked on him. Other products he's wearing Bell helmet, VonZipper goggles, Levis jeans and Red Wing boots. First practice went out at 7:45 with a 8 o'clock start. Brody's bike is a 1979 Yamaha 250 2-stroke. I shot all these photos using a canon eos1vhs, contax 645 and kodak portra film.  Enjoy the photos! - Jack

No pit crew here - you do it all by yourself

brody mclaughlin day in the dirt

Makes his way to the starting line with his brother Peyton by his side

day in the dirt

Greets one of his main rivals, Nick Lapaglia from State Of Ethos

state of ethos

Last minute prep talk before its go time

vintage motocross racing

Hands on your helmet - Right here your praying your bike doesn't stall

day in the dirt 2020

Didn't get the best start, but by turn two he was in third

vintage evolution pro

The race is around 30 minutes which one lap takes over 6 minutes to complete

vintage yamaha racing

Taking it to the air

vintage mx racer

Inside line is taken

29 motocross racer

Eyeing the hill

brody vintage yellow yamaha

Riding the tube

pipes day in the dirt

Middle of the track


8 hours later it's now time to race the Hell On Wheels

sea of seven mx rider

You never know who you'll run into at these races - Robbie Maddison

robbie maddison red bull

SLO blood in these two - double shakas with Tyler Bereman

tyler bereman hell on wheels

You wait until your race division is called

brody mclaughlin motocross racer

Your allowed a few practice laps

hell on wheels racing mc tent

Two laps to go

meatball mx director

Now a word from our sponsor

sea of seven sign

All eyes on Brody

white jersey motocross pants

Well ahead of the pak

bomber class motocross

No hype just skill - 1st place

brody motocross riding

Thank you to Kenny Alexader and his crew of men and women who make this event possible every year at Glen Helen Raceway and of course sponsors that included Red Bull, 805, Bell, Thingergy, BrandX Stunts, Hollywood MC and Ogio.