We all know their are some people out there with some deep pockets, but will they be so kind to buy a $10,000 Rob Machado surfboard or a day at a supercross race where you get to "meet n greet" Eli Tomac and "you’ll have time for a photo opp before watching the race" for $5,000.00. You would think for $5,000 one would be allowed to hang with Eli for the entire day. So lets break it down for you here.  

Rob Machado Custom Firewire Surfboard and Surf Session

For $10,000 (current bid is at $1,200) you can get a custom built board by the man himself then will meet you at one of his local breaks (Seaside Reef or Cardiff) where he'll go surfing with you and bring along one of his many photogs he has here in San Diego to get it all documented. Note: If you live out of the area or state Firewire will ship you the board at no cost to you. Buy now $10,000.

rob machado surfboard by surfaid and firewire

Dan Mann Custom Surfboard and Surf Session

Never heard of shaper Dan Mann, but maybe you have. For $10,000 you don't get a Kelly Slater surfboard nor meet the 11-time Surfing World Champion, but you do get a custom board from one of Kelly's many surfboard shapers and for the icing on the cake you get to surf with Dan the Man himself at his "secret spot" in Coronado. If you don't live in San Diego Firewire will ship this board to you at no charge. Buy now $10,000.

dan mann custom firewire surfboard and kelly slater

Surfing Session With Chris Shiflett, Nathaniel and Timmy Curran

Former pro surfer now house flipper Timmy Curran, his little brother Nathaniel and Chris Shiflett from the Foo Fighters will take you surfing in Malibu, get you toasty in a Buell wetsuit and a $200 gift card from Timmy's major sponsor Salt Life (RIP Quiksilver days). You'll be allowed "hear stories about life on the road as traveling surfers and musicians" and to top if off your day will end with some ice-cold beverages and a meal on the beach inside your own private cabana from the fine folks of Paradise Cove Cafe. Buy now $10,000.

timmy curran and chris shiflett surfing by surfaid

Chris Shiflett Signed Signature Fender Guitar

Clueless on how much guitars go for, but I am thinking this will be going for a lot. Strangely this is the only one in the auction that their is not a "buy now" price. Description of this is as follows: Chris Shiflett signature Telecaster guitar from Fender with a one-piece C-profile maple neck and a 21 medium jumbo frets along with a rosewood fingerboard which has a 12-inch radius. Designed from the hybrid hard rock and country of the Foo Fighters & the Dead Peasants. This bullet truss rod and large Stratocaster-style headstock and vintage style hard-tail bridge is a great Telecaster no matter what type of music you play and to top it off it is signed by Chris himself. No buy now offer...?

chris shiflett signed fender guitar by surfaid

Kelly Slater Used Board

Buy this used signed surfboard from the champ himself. This model is called the Omni, round tail with a snub nose. (KS - would be good if you told us the dimensions). Buy now $10,000

kelly slater used surfboard by dan mann and firewire for surfaid

Surfing Trip To Surf Ranch

You will get to surf the world's favorite surfing wave pool located in Fresno California. They call it a 6ft wave traveling over 2,300 feet for up to 50 second rides which will be controlled for your own personal skill level. This will be done on November 6th, 2020 at the SurfAid Charity Day at the Surf Ranch. Winner will have a morning and afternoon session as well as food and drinks through out your hot day in the sun. This will all be documented using muli-media technology to document all your waves which we hope are timeless tubes. The final edit will be done by Transparentsea Media and you won't be leaving empty handed. Outerknown will be sending you home in style - giving you much needed clothing. Buy now $10,000.

surfing at surf ranch by kelly slater and surfaid

 Shawn Dollar and Tyler Fox

 These two surfers you may of may not of heard of, but I can tell you one thing is I have seen both these guy's out at very large Mavericks and I can assure you they weren't shoulder hopping, but always in the most critical place on the wave. So if you want to surf with these two big wave surfers (surf spot chose by you in Santa Cruz county) which will be documented on your very own GoPro Hero 8 camera by Todd Hanson of Transparentsea Media which will get you featured onto "Santa Cruz Waves Instagram" with a following of close to 70,000 friends which was founded by Tyler. Buy now $10,000.

shawn dollar and tyler fox surfing by surfaid

Damien "Damo" Hobgood Surfing Session and Coach

Damo will be taking you surfing here in San Diego, give you one of his used boards and then will end the day with a fresh meal where you can talk the talk with one of the best goofy-foot tube riders in the world. Don't let his Florida accent fool ya, this guy knows surfing. Buy Now $5,500.

surf coach damien hobgood by surfaid

Custom Surf Art by Bryan Helfand and Firewire Boards

Not really sure what he's offering here, but I am guessing he will paint your surfboard at a buy now price of $5,000.

bryan helfand surfing art by surfaid

 Supercross VIP Experience with Eli Tomac

This is our personal favorite. You and three of your closest friends will experience a VIP day in either San Diego or Anaheim in 2021. Both of these will be a Supercross race by Kawasaki and Monster Energy MX Racing. You will receive a signed moto jersey by Eli Tomac along with a meet n greet and to show off your day you will leave with a photo opp where you get to pose with the man himself.

eli tomac supercross by surfaid