At 11:50am today January 9th 2021 the southeast Papa buoy (station 46006 West of Eureka California) had a reading of 40.7ft at 15 seconds. Things are going to get very interesting within the next 24hours here in California. MAJOR swell coming with decent to good weather on board. Mavericks could be in the 50ft range along with spots like Todos Santos. Will Peter Mel be on this swell as well, yes! 

Peter Mel riding what might be his biggest and best wave ever ridden from January 8th 2021 at Mavericks

“Everyone on earth should see this ride,” Kelly Slater

"Peter Mel just rode one of the best big waves of all time," Stab Magazine

Peter riding a 9'10" Channel Island Surfboard (Gun)

“They were all fearing for my life one second and then, the next, it was the elation of me hugging my kid.” - Peter Mel

January 09, 2021 — Jack English