Tosh Tudor surfing in San Diego county on January 10th 2021 (his dad Joel didn't choose to come out). Shot these using a canon eos1vhs film camera with a SPL water housing and fuji print film rated at 200asa. All images are tack sharp. I am glad Tosh (who rides for Vans and Moon wetsuits) gave out a good sized hoot as he paddled into this one and everyone gave way to the youngster. These are pulled from a 16 shot sequence of a 36 exposure roll of film you find at WalMart. From my experience shooting surfing you know when to hold the trigger down and when not to. Waves were a bit slot and when Tosh rolled into this one I knew I better keep my finger on the trigger. Good job Tosh Tudor!

tosh tudor surfing

January 12, 2021 — Jack English
Tags: Tosh Tudor