When I think of Seaside Reef guy's like Rob Machado, Matt Coleman, Chris and Justin Cote, Doug Silva, Seth Elmer, Paul Roach among others come to mind. Well today was the last and final day of the SAMBAZON World Junior Championships Hosted by Best Western here in our backyard of southern California - Cardiff/Encinitas. I was not able to make it to this event based on I was shooting Damien Hobgood all morning and even saw Chris Ward along with his daughter checking the surf. Anyways back to this comp I want to say congratulations to the girls winner Francisca Veselko from Portugal and for the boys Australian Jarvis Earle. Kudos to our American surfers Levi Slawson who received 2nd place to Jarvis and Sawyer Lindblad 2nd place to Francisca. If you would like to read, watch and see more info on this comp then head over to the WSL website for all the latest videos, photos and interviews.

Jarvis Earle by Craig Anderson

January 13, 2023 — Jack English