Brody McLaughlin racing a Hell On Wheels race at Glen Helen on the trophy truck track - sponsors include VonZipper, Seaweed & Gravel, Biltwell and Sea Of Seven.

"Alot ok kids get stuck in that rut of this is what I got to be if Im going to ride dirtbikes you need to be a pro racer, but the year that I realized ah man this is never going to work for me its when I finally was like ah man I can go out and have a blast on two wheels and not worry about racing and its just that much better. Brody McLaughlin here from Atascadaro California racing the number 29 machine it's a '79 Yamaha 250. I started racing as a kid just all the you know local races and then some of the ameature nationals and was trying to take it to the pro ranks if you would like every other kid wants to. I raced the Baja 500 and had a pretty big wreck and broke my wrist and face and stuff as I was recovering from that my dads buddy had that '79 Yamaha 250 in his garage which was just a frame and motor so I built it up and he let me ride it and then he was like you should just hang onto this thing and race it all you want and I kind of fell in love with the whole vintage thing after that. The Hell On Wheels is more like a fun you get like the pull starts guys and the three wheelers and its just a fun like core race. I just love being on two wheels like dirtbikes, mountain bikes, road bikes whatever it is. The culture for sure I mean the people here you've probably met so many amazing people just filming and stuff all my friends are pretty much through racing dirt bikes. The people I get along with the best and hang out with everyday are all motorcycle riders or mountain bikers or whatever it is two wheels I just love the whole atmosphere of it. I was raised riding dirt bikes and stuff if I wasn't riding dirt bikes I really don't know besides working what else I would be doing so its that one thing I can escape and it keeps me going. I don't know what it was, but after the race like wow I was just in a zone like a mental zone a mental state it was a two hour race or an hour half for that hour and half I can't achieve doing anything else and I love when i'm in that zone and hitting my marks loose on the bike flowing, its like surfing, or skating or mountain biking or any of those things when you get in that zone it's unbeatable it's like a whole another I don't know it's like a dope fiend thing or something you just get going and it's sick. If you could come to an event or something like this Hell On Wheels and get exposed to it and check it out I think it would be hard for someone to pass up. If your interested in riding dirtbikes dude this i mean come go check it out you know go to a race you got to do that." - Brody McLaughlin

July 14, 2022 — Jack English