On Sunday June 19th San Luis Obispo ripper Brody McLaughlin won his biggest mx race to date the Mammoth Motocross by Monster Energy and FastHouse. Brody took out guy's like Mike and Nick Lapaglia, Micah Davis and Kelana Humprey. 

The famous bear trophy - 1st place


Tom having one last talk with Brody before it's go time

Making his way to the gate

Smile for the camera - when you ride for Sea Of Seven you get your own personal photographer =)

Nick Lapaglia (17), Kelana Humprey (777) and Brody making it into turn one

Never hurts to have a pretty girl in your corner - Sophia Rose who's Brody's sweetheart

My daughter Eden holding our two passes - if she looks tired it's because she is not a morning person

Watch out for that tree

See the guy in second place, nor does Brody!

Brody is friends with the Troy Lee family

Tires don't fail me now

Post race interview - How does it feel to win the biggest race of your career

All smiles for Sophia and Brody

Team Sea Of Seven!

Kenny Alexander (founder of FastHouse) - probably wondering where the heck did this guy come from

Team TMC Co Rentals owned and operated by Tom Contino

Brody was nice enough to swing by our 5* resort called Motel 6 for one last pic