Here are some photos I shot of the Hell On Wheels TT scrambles race on November 27, 2021 in conjunction with the Day In The Dirt 24 put on by Fasthouse, 805 and Red Bull. I had my booth up and running where I was selling products so unfortunately I couldn't totally concentrate on shooting photos. I was always keeping one eye on my booth and then running into the track mostly just shooting when Brody was racing. These were all shot using my canon eos1vhs, 70-200mm, 16-35mm and kodak print film.

Some signage on the front stretch - you got to start somewhere

Ethan White taking his Harley Davidson places it wasn't meant to go

Tyler Bereman decided to hitch a ride with Kelly @hooliganking312

Super shaka from Tyler waiting for his turn to head out onto the track

Brody came to win and that's what he did - back on his '79 yamaha

Tyler taking the holeshot with Marc Locke (white tee) and GT from VonZipper (Fasthouse jersey) following behind

Probably my favorite shot I took of Brody from this race

Digging the way Kelana Humphrey style is on this turn, Brody came out in front

Brody was able to race the vintage division for his first time on this '74 Husky

December 09, 2021 — Jack English