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Day In The Dirt 24 - Vintage Motocross Photos

News By Jack English / 08 Dec 2021 / 0 Comments
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Day In The Dirt 24 - Vintage Motocross Photos
Day In The Dirt 24 - Vintage Motocross Photos | Photo by Jack English

Here are a few photos that I took from Day In The Dirt 24 from Glen Helen Raceway put on by Red Bull and Fasthouse (who knows maybe one day we can afford to help sponsor an event). I got up Saturday morning and made my way to Brody's camp where he was making eggs, bacon and hash browns. Next thing you know he had to go to TMC Co Rentals and get the bike he was using - a 1974 Husky #118 (usually ran by Micah Davis, but he was on a much needed vacation with his lady). Shot these using my Canon eos1vhs body, 70-200mm lens and kodak print film of 400asa. Riders are sponsored by Sea Of Seven, DEUS, State Of Ethos, 100%, VonZipper, Biltwell,

Brody is 4th from the left with Michael Lapaglia (in red) next to him - Nick Lapaglia got the holeshot on this one

day in the dirt 24 red bull motocross photo

Brody was leading this race when he had a minor bike malfunction that took him out of the race

Riley Harper was a joy to watch

Reid Harper always towards the front

Kelana Humphreys showing respect to our flag and our national anthem

Nick Lapaglia who is one of the better riders and is great to photograph

...and Josh Grant won the next race after the vintage class so I shot him taking the checkered

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