Bruce Marada (race number 76) has won the vintage class of the Elsinore GP on November 11 2023. Bruce was racing his 1974 CZ recently purchased by Rick Doughty his mechanic. Track was designed by famous desert racer Johnny Campbell.

Go time - Biltwell helmet and VonZipper goggles



Other notable racers in this class were

Chase George, Lake Elsinore #309 2nd 

Brian Thompson, Oceanside #14 3rd 

Joshua Sparks, Temecula #10  4th 

Dylan Blackwell, Huntington Beach #29 5th

Mark Kelsey, Elsinore #0 6th

Angie Wright, Henerson #710 7th

Levi Chapman, Long Beach #187 8th

Timothy Tobier, Elsinore #5 9th

David Simpson #59 10th

...the holeshot is looking good

What are you looking at Bruce?

Speed Sport reporter interview moments after the checkered - I just asked him to please wear our SEA OF SEVEN trucker hat forward

On the podium - 1st place 

November 18, 2023 — Jack English