Pretty blown away regarding how many websites there are that focus on the motocross world including outdoor and supercross.

Coming from the surfing media world myself at the peak of the surf era there were 5 players in the USA alone - 1. Surfing magazine lead by Larry Moore and Nick Carrol 2. Surfer magazine lead by Jeff Divine and Ben Marcus, 3. Transworld Surf by Joel Patterson and Peter Taras, 4. Water mag by Steve "Zeldo" Zeldin and 5. Surfers Journal by Jeff Divine. Then the .com era came into play and killed them all. That kick started The Inertia, Surfline, Beach Grit and Stab (Surfer is coming back).

So with that said how many top moto riders does the average person want to know about. Seems like there are more moto outlets then their are top riders. Not sure if this is a good or much needed thing, but kudos to the people on the inside that are working their butt's off to survive in America and knowing they are passionate about the sport. So hats off to all the men and women working inside the print and digital world, we see you!

In no particular order these are some of the websites we found by doing a simple google search "motocross information" which lead us as far as page 2 on google where we then gave up after stumbling upon motorcycle websites that haven't posted anything new in months.

Pro Motocross Championships - This seems to be the heart of the MC racing websites (I would compare this to the WSL World Surf League)

 RacerX - Looks like a very high quality print mag (12 issues a year which is very impressive) and site

Swap Moto Live - Website which includes some people from the TransWorld era. SML also do a 21 race series and a show with Donn Maeda (founder, editor and photographer)

PulpMX - Podcast and website including Steve Matthes main guy and others include Jason Thomas, Kris Keefer, Marx, Moser, Swizcore and Tony Blazier

Motocross Action - Website and print, but when going to there "subscribe" page they don't list how many issues they are selling you inside there 1, 2 or 3 year options (never a good sign).

Dirt Bike - Owned by High-Torque publications - also own Motocross Action and still no number of magazine issues that you'll receive just years 1, 2 and 3

VitalMX - One of my personal favorites based on the layout being simple and clean and they have a forum which I think is really cool

Bubba's World by James Stewart - Podcast (my favorite race of all time, watch below)

Last but not least Gypsy-Tales Podcast by Jase Macalpine - I appreciate and respect this guy's passion and hard work!

Walty Wanders MX - Misleading titles, click bait and "so insane, buckle up, strap in and hold on your hats and glasses" - this guy should be a salesman (or a disk jockey) - able to turn 30 second discussions into drawn out 6 minute videos, YAWN!