Photos I took of Trevor Stewart on April 16th 2022 at the 2-Stroke Wiseco World Championships hosted by Fasthouse. I brought 4 rolls of film this day. I had one black n white and three rolls of color Kodak Portra 800asa. I used about 1 1/2 rolls on Micah Davis and Nick Lapaglia racing the vintage pre 82 division and the rest I used on Trevor. Few of Trevors sponsors include Fasthouse, 6D, 805, FMF, Enzo, Purvines Racing, Yamaha and 100%.

Moments before the gate drops it's always good to have some prep talk from one of your buddies

 All business

 Rolls to the gate - assuming this is where the butterflies kick in

 Has some good space on both sides 

 Zach Osbourne getting loose onto one wheel

 Zach Osborne then Justin Hoeft and Trevor - turn one separates the boys from the men

 Nobody on him, that's a good thing

 Go Trevor (what i'm probably yelling right here)

 This turn always looks like it's going to be a good photo turn, but nothing to special

 Riding the wall with someone up front dusting him out

 Front stretch - time to pin it

 He wins!

 Soaking it all in

 Tyler at the finish line to first greet and celebrate

 Letting loose

 Swapping spit with his girlfriend

May 04, 2022 — Jack English