This past weekend on November 28th was the annual Hell On Wheels race put on by Meatball and his crew. This is a side show to Day In The Dirt by Red Bull and Fasthouse. Check in was due to begin at noon, with a 2 o'clock start - well we know that didn't happen as racing began around 3. With his sidekick Greg "GT" Tomlinson (VonZipper) elsewhere Meatball had his hands full with a big turnout of motocross racers from Tyler Bereman, Robbie Madison, Arik Swan, to guys like Nick Lapaglia, Kelana Humpreys both from State Of Ethos and last but not least Brody McLaughlin representing Sea Of Seven. All motocross action and lifestyle photos taken by me Jack English.

Meatball - let's get this party started

Letting the girls and guys have a few practice laps

Drivers meeting

Usually it's GT's job to be on the mic

Tyler Bereman excited to watch the action

Fill'em up boy's!

Brody staying hydrated

Two is better then one

Get your # on there

Nick Lapaglia racing for the State Of Ethos team

Keep your tongue in your mouth

Jeff kindly taking a minute to pose

...and of course his wingwoman Lindsey Karnopp (the best flag girl)

 It's safe to say Brody had the most stylish and talked about attire

8 hours since his first race of the day now he's on his last 

Wheelie time

Tyler and Randy Bereman - from San Luis Obispo county

Always very cool of Tyler to help support Meatball by racing this event

Tyler entering turn one

Angus Locke - This kid is always excited to race

Robbie Maddison to the far right - can someone give him a bigger bike to race the vintage?

You listen to Lindsey, she decides when you go

Tyler got caught looking

Not much room in turn one - #710 Derek Stephens taking the holeshot

Arik Swan put on a great show entertaining the crowd

Eric Ferreira on his bultaco 

Angie Wright lent out her bike to Derek Stephens

December 04, 2020 — Jack English