Can Ross Levinsohn (CEO of The Arena Group) and his team save the once bible of the sport 'Surfer Magazine' at it's peak having competed to Surfing Magazine who had Aaron Chang, Chris Van Lennep, Jeff Hornbaker, Tony Roberts, Aaron Loyd, Mike Balzer and ER having Art Brewer, Jeff Divine, Tom Servais, Rob Gilley, and Scott Aichner. In my eyes its not rocket science what will it take to make the public to want or need Surfer again going against Beach Grit, The Inertia, Surfers Journal, Tracks, Surfline and so forth. Beach Grit has the gossip side on lockdown and Surfline has the surf cams. So what will ER need you ask - I would say up to date content and yes, I believe they can get this all FREE by these digital photographers that would love to see there pics live on a site. 

Will The Arena Group be the hero or zero, but either way there giving into our sport

Gerry Lopez - 1979 Surfer Magazine

December 14, 2022 — Jack English