Lets get 2021off to a great start, how?  Sunday January 17th Hell On Wheels racing is putting on their first event of the year at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernadino California. Classes consist of pull start minis, 100cc and under minis, 150cc and under minis, vintage 1974 and older machines, vintage open twins, pre unit singles, hooligan modern open twins, ladies, kids, bomber 1975 new twin shock mixers dual sports, 3 wheelers, modern support and tank shifters (extra class $30.00). If you've never been to one of Meatballs races this one is a great one to attend or race. It's a big truck track with plenty of room to pass, speed and be up close with all the flying motocross action. Brody McLaughlin will be there racing his 1979 Yamaha 250cc bike representing VonZipper and Seaweed and Gravel. Action photo of Brody was taken by me (Jack English) during the Hell On Wheels / Day In The Dirt race put on by Fasthouse and Red Bull using my canon 70-200mm lens and a eos1vhs body with kodak portra color 400asa print film.


December 21, 2020 — Jack English