The Oceanside International Film Festival kicks off on August 1st which will start off with a very special screening of Animal Kingdom by TNT with appearances by actors Shawn Hatosy and Carolina Guerra and producer and writer Daniele Nathanson.

August 2:  The Witching Hour, Forgive Me, Limit, De La Madre, Daisy Belle, Marisol, Coming To Terms.

August 3: AgriTourism, One Ocean, Gifts of Silver, Night Light, A Herring Opera, Water, Shadow of Drought, An Artist Collective, The Beauty Around Us, Scrojo: Scoundrel, Charltatan, Luminaries, Esfuerzo, From Haarlem to Harlem.

August 4: The Surf Lineup, TAN, Chef Oliver, The Church of the Open Sky, Rodents,  Take Me Home Tonight, Stepan, Nymphette, Where Did I Go, Easy Way Out, Honey,  Stop Eject Rewind, Last Wish, Ananas, Comosus, Silverline Valentine, BNB, Ashen Sleep, Quiver, There is No Door, Night of the Living Dead.

August 5: A Quint-Mas Carol, The Lesson, Boulevard of Unspoken Dreams, The Ride, Happy Birthday, Through The Window, The Adventures of Lucy, One Small Step, It's Just a Game, Mad Max.