On September 1st Brody McLaughlin, myself, Marc Locke along with his son Angus and wife Michelle flew from LAX to Lihue airport (Kauai, Hawaii) for the 68th annual Garden Isle Grand Prix motocross race. Greg "GT" Tomlinson from VonZipper had organized a shipping container to ship over all the bikes. We all stayed at the Kauai Beach Resort which was less then a 10 minute walk to the track. I brought around 20 rolls of 35mm film (kodak gold, portra and b&w). So without further adieu here are some shots from what I am calling roll 1.

Turn 1 - Nick Lapaglia, Brody McLaughlin, Forrest Minchinton

Nick taking the holeshot and Brody trying to avoid his roost.

 He gone! You ever watch that youtube show where people steal from the grocery store, and when the thief get's away he always say's "he gone". Well, that's what I said when I watched Nick racing.

Giving me something to shoot

Forrest Minchinton came up in 2nd place this race

Brody taking 3rd

Nick tweaking it - No more State Of Ethos, back with DEUSFixed 50mm lens so I couldn't zoom out - need to back up next time

GT - Tell the boss I'm workingLucky always putting on a show

Ethan White on a Husky - "Bro I have no idea what I was on. Some one gave it to me and I rode a couple laps and gave it back. Not sure who's bike that even was."