This Saturday October 23rd is The Moto Beach Classic being held at Bolsa Chica State Beach (hometown to surfer, skater, moto enthusiast Mr. Scotty Stopnik).  Their will be bike builders showing off their custom motorcycles along with top notch clothing, art, music and racing vendors from all around the world. This years event will be free to the public and will be a great show for kids of all ages and parents to. This event is one of only three that will be allowed inside the Huntington Beach area for 2021.

For the halloween vibe they will be having a Day Of The Shred surfing contest which will include surfers dressing up in their favorite costumes. This surf comp will kick off at 7:30am and will finish around 1:30pm with sponsors from Banzai Bowl, Outerknown, Katin and Ampal Creative.

One of the main attractions for the kids will be the STACYC which will be a kids only race with ages ranging from 3 to 8 years old.

The main race will be the final round of SHNC quattro which will be an asphalt short track race at Sea Legs by the beach. So please come by for a great show, music, drinks, food and entertainment. Riders will include Ethan White, Josh Sleigh, Brody McLaughlin and many more.

dawn of the shred

October 20, 2021 — Jack English