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Meta Magazine Meets Meta By Mark Zuckerberg

News By Jack English / 30 Oct 2021 / 0 Comments
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Meta Magazine Meets Meta By Mark Zuckerberg
Meta Magazine Meets Meta By Mark Zuckerberg | Photo by Jack English

"Facebook missed out on the Meta handle on Instagram because a motorbike magazine from Denver already uses it" - Business Insider 

Well, first and foremost it seems that the fifth richest person on earth chose to grab @wearemeta then play bully and take @meta and or we're not sure if Mark even made them an offer. Meta was once a triannual publication founded by moto veterans Andrew Campo and Ben Giese both from Denver, Colorado. 

Andrew if the founder of Vurbmoto a motocross action and lifestyle website and Ben having quick stints at Answer Racing (close to 2 years) and DC Shoes (little over a year).

So if your in the mood for a quality paper magazine then be sure to check out Meta's publication in which we have seen it at Barnes and Noble .

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