This weekend in Del Mar California will be the annual Boardroom Show on October 8th and 9th put on by Scott Bass. The Boardroom is like a surfing trade show that is more about the shapers, foam, fiberglass, fins and anything else surfboard related. We did suggest that they include more clothing brands to add some more flare (wider audience), but what do we know. With the economy how it is let's just be thankful there is something going on in the surf world for all us surfboard gurus to attend to. Timmy has shaped for surfers Dino Andino, Matt Archbold, Mike Losness and many more.

Foam will be flying as eight shapers honor surfboard shaper Timmy Patterson during the Icons of Foam Shape-off at the Boardroom International Surfboard Show presented by US Blanks. The surfboard manufacturing industry’s consumer facing trade show takes place in Del Mar, Ca. Sat. and Sun. October 8 & 9, 2022.

The eight shapers: Tokuda-san (Japanese Boardroom champion), Robert Weiner (Roberts Surfboards), John Simon (Simon Shapes), Jason Bennett (Chemistry Surfboards), Rick Rock, Sylivo Tico (Silver Surfboards - Brazil), Tim Stamps (Stamps Surfboards), Matt Kinoshita (Kazuma Surfboards - Hawaii) face off in man-on-man heats within a bracket format competition. Each shaper is given 90 minutes to replicate a classic Timmy Patterson surfboard. Judges include Roger Hinds, Matt Biolos, Pat Rawson and of course the honoree Timmy Patterson.

“I’m excited to see my friends go to head-to-head, “ said Patterson. “I’ve competed in this event myself twice, and it’s not as simple as walking into your comfortable shaping room and getting busy. There’s way more pressure. Plus the boards I’ve picked for them to copy are not easy.”

The winning shaper will receive $1000 and their name added to the Mike Marshall Perpetual Trophy. The second place shaper receives $500. This year NIXON is offering four semi-finalists a special NIXON commemorative engraved watch.

In addition to the Icons of Foam Shape-off the Boardroom Show will feature a hall packed with the state-of-the-art surfboards, wetsuits, fins, gear and art from the industry’s top brands. There will be a generational surf car exhibit from the 1950s through the 2020’s, live music by the School of Rock, the Juvenile Seagulls, Puerto, Bucket Ruckus, & The Four Stringerz. Carver Skateboards will sponsor ramp area. The Best In Show competition featuring Big Wave Guns is presented by Ziobaffa Organic Italian Wines. The California Gold Surf Auction will exhibit a small selection of the 64 lots available., On Sat. at 1pm there will be a live discussion on the state of big wave surfing with Jojo Roper & Peter Mel. The Vintage Surfboard Collector Club will be in attendance. Food and drink will be available.

October 08, 2022 — Jack English