Hustlecraft is on December 15th 2019 from 10am-4pm at The Guild Hotel located at 500 W Broadway in San Diego California.


Sormeh Rienne - Interior Designer 

Brian Brown Studios - Interior Designer 

Ashley Evans - Basile Studio Designer 

Maegan Swabb - Designer at M. Swabb Decor + Style 

Ramel Wallace - The Holyfield 

Chanel Sonego - Dames Collective

Tony Becker - Good Friday SD 

Nic Roc - You Belong Here

Andy Coronado - Travelers Club

Miss Oona Upland - Drag Queen Story Hour

Danielle Higgins - Spark

Kimmy Nguyen - Blushing Agency

Gabrielle Pickens - Black TVSD

Cristin Smith - Saffron + Sage

Femi Olafioye-Omogbehin - Femiio

Kira Jones - Cacti Wellness

Rachel Becca Batista - Kaneh Co

Jason Waters - Waters Atelier

Mike Metcalf - Arts + Rec

Linda Waisbord - Fashion & Style Consultant

Paris Sukomi - InsideOUT San Diego

James Banuelos - Beach Grease

 Faith Fulginiti - Del Friscos

John Resnick - Campfire // Jeune Et Jolie

Anthony Schmidt - Consortium Holdings

Alexandria Ott - Chrome City


Sea Of Seven

Clothe & Arrow

That Dome Piece

Sweet Vibrations

The Akazi Project

Rais Case

Deux Cranes

You are an entrepreneur that is redefining your industry. You value inclusivity. You exude ambition. You embrace authenticity. You've been through the wringer to get yourself recognized. You work hard—all day every day. You aren’t afraid to take a risk. You are a Hustler.

As a metropolitan city experiencing explosive cultural growth, San Diego is hungry to learn from its community members who have led + succeeded in the small business world. HustleCraft will cultivate a mix of business leaders + will feature a diverse set of vendors that have been hand-selected based on their story + the dynamic hustler behind the brand. Whether they are well-known + celebrated or underground + just-getting-started entrepreneurs, there will be something for everyone! 
We are also creating a networking hub where creative hustlers can communicate + learn about best practices for long-term success. Experience Hustle Chats (our speaking series) with people at the top of their game, full of big ideas and ready for a platform to share with other creatives.


(Grace Gardens)

10:00 AM


(Grace Ballroom)


Drag Queen Story Hour With Miss Oona Upland

(Grace Gardens)

11:00 AM


(Grace Ballroom)

 12:00 PM


(Grace Ballroom)

1:00 PM


(Grace Ballroom)

2:00 PM


(Grace Ballroom)

3:00 PM


(Grace Ballroom)

4:00 PM


(The Guild Lobby, open to the public)

HustleCraft is brand new quarterly market and speaking series.

About this Event

HustleCraft is a brand new quarterly event that will provide a fresh + authentic platform from which vendors sell their wares + gain exposure. while speakers promote + nurture a networking hub through authentic storytelling. As a metropolitan city experiencing explosive cultural growth, San Diego is hustling harder than ever and we are here to celebrate those at the top of their game- giving our audience a one-of-a-kind experience. Join us Sunday, December 15th from 10am-4pm at The Guild Hotel.


General Admission: $25

Kids 12 + Under: $5





December 12, 2019 — Jack English