Congratulations to Brody McLaughlin from San Luis Obispo California for taking home 1st place at the 2020 Wiseco 2 Stroke MX World Championships Hosted By Fasthouse in the vintage pre 82 division at Glen Helen Raceway. In the overall finish positions Brody who was riding a 1979 Yamaha came in first beating Nick Lapaglia (State Of Ethos) 2nd place from Murrieta, 3rd Nick Anderson from San Diego, 4th Talon Hawkins, 5th Darrel Sedig, 6th Jason Klements from Huntington Beach, 7th Dustin Humphrey and son Kelana 8th place from Orange County and Bali. Side note Brody did place 17th overall in the open pro division beating Sean Collier (notable rider) and the top five finishers in that division were Mike Alessi, Dare Demartile, Carson Brown, Justin Hoeft and Josh Grant.

The photos below were all taken from moto 1 as I was not able to be there for the second moto where Brody took the overall win. From the starting gate Kelana Humphrey got the best start, but with back to back dnf's you have to question the bike he was riding (#128) which matches up to the same bike on TMC Co Rentals instagram page. For $200 they will provide the bike, gas and maintenance for the day. Within half a lap it was Brody who went to the front all the while holding off Nick the entire race until the last lap where Nick was able to get him. Race 2 Nick and Brody went back and forth the entire race with Brody taking the overall win. GT from Von Zipper had mentioned that Nick Lapaglia is the real deal and for Brody to battle and beat him then that makes Brody the real deal as well. Then later this day Tyler Bereman hit us up on our insta page with the words "he crushed it". I hope you enjoy the shots and we'll see you all at Day In The Dirt.


All photos taken using canon eos1vhs camera body, kodak portra 400asa print film and 600mm, 70-200, 15mm and 16-35mm lenses.