Here are a few photos I shot at the first annual Born-Free Motorcycle Show held on October 22-23 in Yellow Rose Canyon from Mt. Enterprise Texas. I wasn't able to shoot as many photos as I would had liked to due to the fact I was a one man show manning my Sea Of Seven booth. I shot these using my Contax 645 Kodak and Ilford black & white film.

Welcome everyone

Raise your flag

Just a normal car for Texas

No helmets needed

Always a good time with the Born-Free crew

 All characters accepted

Blowing in the wind

Time to roll

7am at some burger joint

Hasn't slept

Oliver Peck - I asked for him to pose next to my booth (Ink Master)

Ever seen him without a toothpick in his mouth

See ya all next year

November 08, 2022 — Jack English