Congratulations to Austin Neuman (surfer) from Pismo Beach California and his teamate Arturo Salas (moto) for taking the overall win at this years Surfercross 2023 presented by Fasthouse, RedBull, Maxxis, 805, Ogio, FMF, Oakley, Honda, Cobian, Motocutz, Surface, Hitch Hotel, UR Watur, Baja Bound and Armored Moto.

The event began on August 8th at Pala Raceway followed the next day at Trail 6 in San Onofre State Beach. "An event with a vibe all it's own, Surfercross truly embodies "speed, style, and good times" - Tying together the stylings of a motocross race and a surf competition, Surfercross is all about throwing your leg over a bike and paddling out. No winners, no losers, just two days of sun, dirt and some waves." - Fasthosue

Austin Neumann former pro surfer turning to Hollywood for any stuntman, acting and modeling

Words from Austin himself

"Born and raised on the Central Coast (San Luis Obispo county) and recently moved down to LA to pursue a new career. Been a pro surfer for around 5-6 years now and competed all around the world on the QS. Hadn't ridden in about 2 years and just got another stock Honda 450 about a month ago and only had about 2 rides in before Surfercross! Last time I raced on a bike was 2019 Surfercross and placed 2nd my first year doing it. Lots of big names where there this year and dudes I look up to so I knew I had to put everything I had into every race/heat. Thankful I got teammate who also became a good friend after those two days who also wanted the win just as bad!" - Austin

Arturo Salas with a very impressive resume

...and Arturo Salas

"I'm from Mexico, Tecate Tijuana, living in San Diego. Currently score offroad world champion in Baja. Made my own team and won the Baja 500. I rode a KTM 450xcf 2023 built for offroad. I've only surfed around three times prior to this event, and I rode some solid waves to get enough points. Everyone was the hardest competition due to the fact that everyone was so good at there pro sport. I haven't raced a motocross since 2015 but I've been a pro offroad racer since 2020." Arturo


August 11, 2023 — Jack English