Surf photo of Andy Irons was taken by me when I was then senior staff photographer for Transworld Surf magazine. I was on assignement in Reunion Island covering the WCT Rip Curl event that Mick Fanning won. I photograhed this image of Andy using a SPL Water Housing and I believe an 85mm lens with a canon 7d body all the while floating on a Toobs boogie board. That year was 2005 now here I am today in 2024 and I received a text message yesterday that read:

"Hi Jack, longtime fan of your surf photography and the images/history you capture-was wondering if you could help me with locating an original/print of this Andy Irons shot that was painted onto a surfboard by Phil Roberts- It belonged to Royce (he worked for Billabong), he sold it to me, I now own this piece." - Brian


Billabong & VonZipper - Photo by Jack English

To Phil, can you get me a copy of this artwork? Sincerely, Jack

January 12, 2024 — Jack English