We have just received confirmation via text message from the men himself Mr. Alex Knost - he is no longer with the RVCA family and is now from head to toe with Vans (who seems to be the only brand with $ these crazy days). As you can see below it seems he has been in Mexico for over a month now which seems to be pretty smart during this whole covid crisis here in California and every where else in the world. Well one things for sure if you ever want some free tees from us we would be honored to hook you up.  Stay safe down their and I know your getting plenty of surf. Photo of Alex and his best friend Jared Mell was taken on the south side of the Oceanside pier in north county San Diego. This was Alex's van at the time taken by Jack English using a Contax 645 85mm lens and kodak portra 160asa print film.

alex knost text message about rvca and vans

July 01, 2020 — Jack English