Just wanted to show everyone our most current postcards we have made for Sea Of Seven. Ivan is wearing a dixie cup hat, RAEN optics, Zara pants, Front and Center tee all the while holding my 6'8 Xanadu surfboard. I shot this photo just on the southside of the Oceanside pier. The two cards of the girl model is Kimberly Oetegenn wearing our womens Prime Factor white and black tee with an oversized 7 on the front. Both these photos were taken at a motel in Oceanside. This tank top has been a huge hit for the ladies. I shot these using my Canon EOS 1vhs and Kodak portra 160asa film. Last but not least we have our very first boys model Gavin Mestler wearing a fiddler hat, Zara jeans, Vans shoes and our Prime Factor youth tee. This photo of Gavin holding his skateboard was taken in his backyard located in Carlsbad on top of his ramp. I shot this using a Contax 645 and Kodak 400asa print film. 

sea of seven postcards

June 09, 2020 — Jack English