Its that time of year again which will start on Friday March 29, 2024 with racing all day Saturday at Glen Helen Raceway. This will be the 15th annual Wiseco 2Stroke World Championships hosted by FastHouse.

Look for this guy Brody McLaughlin 

Brody will be racing this 1994 Honda CR125 built by John Voegtli

Celebrate with us at the 15th Annual Wiseco 2-Stroke MX World Championship hosted by Fasthouse, a tribute to motocross's heritage with a unique 2-Stroke only event. This year we are excited to announce the return of Wiseco as our 2024 Title Sponsor. With 80 years of experience, Wiseco is renowned for crafting high-performance pistons, rooted in founder Clyde Wiseman's passion for racing. Their dedication to motorsports aligns perfectly with our event's ethos, and their support for racing illustrates their commitment to the motocross community. We're honored to have Wiseco's support for this years event at the 2-Stroke MX World Championship.Established 80 years ago by Clyde Wiseman's passion for racing, Wiseco has become a premier manufacturer of high-performance pistons. From its humble beginnings in a Cleveland garage to its current status as a global leader in aftermarket parts, Wiseco remains dedicated to quality and innovation. Specializing in forging pistons from aerospace-grade aluminum, Wiseco ensures superior strength and durability. Trusted by top engine builders and racers worldwide, Wiseco's commitment to excellence extends beyond engineering to active involvement in motorsports sponsorships. As Wiseco celebrates its 80th anniversary, its legacy of quality, integrity, and performance continues to drive champions to choose Wiseco for their racing needs. With such a deep history in the motorsports industry, Glen Helen Raceway is honored to have Wiseco on board as the title sponsor for the 15th Annual 2-Stroke MX World Championship!

February 15, 2024 — Jack English